Project Registration Form

Access to the facility is open to all Caltech researchers.

External users please contact facility managers for more information.

Upon submission, a copy of the form will be sent to both the user and the PI. 


    Negative StainSingle Particle / Cryo ImagingTomographyMicroED

    By checking the box the user certifies that your supervisor agreed to cover all the expenses associated with the use of the facility. The user further certifies that they will follow all Caltech, and OH&S procedures.

    By checking the box, upon publication of any data collected in the facility the user agrees to appropriately acknowledge the assistance and/or access to the instrumentation of the facility. For user collected data, in the Materials and Methods section of the publication, please mention that the data was collected on [Insert Microscope] located at the Beckman Institute Cryo-EM facility at the California Institute of Technology. In the Acknowledgment section, please recognize the assistance of facility staff. Upon publication, please send the complete citation to