Our main driver is to enrich users’ skills and career by training them to be proficient and self-sufficient in microscope operation and data processing. We are, however, also acutely aware of the time requirements in training of new users and time pressures associated with publishing and responding to reviewers. As such we offer multiple levels of assistance to our user community.

Data collection

In one or few sessions, staff of the facility can perform data collection on user provided samples. This is ideal, for example, for a short pilot feasibility study, or for the production of a final image for an existing well-characterized study. The use of the facility and contributions of the staff must be acknowledged in the Materials and Methods, and Acknowledgment sections respectively.


The staff of the Center are also deeply interested and looking forward to direct Collaborations with interested labs. In these projects participating staff members add a significant intellectual contribution to the project through overcoming difficulties, data collection, and processing. In these situations, participating staff members should be listed as co-authors on any resulting publications.