Training Outline

The Center offers the following training resources

  1. Online Tutorials

  2. Small-group Demos

    • Managing Directors Andrey Malyutin and Songye Chen will give monthly small-group demos as needed to new-comers, repeat users needing a refresher, or anyone else interested in
      • Sample Preparation
      • Microscope operation (T12, Arctica, Krios)
      • Single particle data collection
      • Tilt-series collection
      • MicroED collection
      • Single particle and tomography data processing
    • Those interested in participating should contact Managing Directors directly
  3. SOPs

    • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents are available next to each instrument to remind and guide users (written and maintained by managing directors)
  4. Directed Training

    • After taking maximum advantage of the above resources, those who wish to prepare samples or operate microscopes on their own will then need to identify an appropriate “super-user”  for one-on-one training. Super-users (SU) for different microscopes and tasks are identified by directors and are the only users that can sign up for microscope time independently – all others must identify a SU who will be their first point of contact during their session. Current super-users are listed on the cryo-EM slack page. Managing Directors (MDs) can also act as a super user as time permits. It is expected that super-users will work with trainees for many days one-on-one, then gradually reduce their direct supervision as the trainee’s progress permits. Their involvement is so deep and critical, they are typically included as authors on trainee publications. As needed, if problem arises beyond SU’s ability, managing directors will provide additional support. Following a demonstration of proficiency by the trainee, Chen and Malyutin may designate them as super-users.