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FEI Tecnai T12 – 120 kV TEM equipped with LaB6 filament and a Gatan Ultrascan 2k X 2k CCD.

FEI Talos Arctica  – 200 kV cryo-TEM equipped with a 6k x 4k Gatan K3 direct electron detector and running SerialEM package for automated data collection.

FEI Titan Krios –  300 kV cryo-TEM microscope equipped with a Gatan K3 6k x 4k direct electron detector, Gatan BioQuantum Energy Filter, and phase plates. The 3 condenser lens system of this microscope, along with the Fringe Free Illumination, allows for a wide range of beam settings while maintaining parallel illumination. Single particle and tomography data collection is automated with SerialEM

Ancillary equipment

Plunge Freezers  FEI Vitrobot (Mark IV x2)

Glow Discharge  Pelco easiGlow, Emitech K100X

Carbon Coating  Cressington 208carbon

High Pressure Freezing  BalTec HPM010 high-pressure freezer system for bulk tissue and cell vitrification. Leica AFS automated freeze substitution processor

Serial Sectioning  Cryo and conventional ultramicrotome (Leica EM UC6/FC6)

External Equipment

FEI Versa with Quorum Cryo stage  SEM with a focused ion beam for sample screening and lamellar preparation located in Caltech's Kavli Nanoscience Institute

Cryo Light Microscopy Linkam cryo stage on a Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan confocal light microscope located in Caltech's Biological Imaging Facility