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Data Processing/Management

Data Storage and Resources

The CryoEM Center provides cloud storage (10TB per person) and computational resources through the center's cluster cemaster. To use it, you need to set up an account on cemaster: go to "Request a new account" and follow the instructions.

You can also use the Caltech HPC to store and process your data. For more information follow the instructions here

The CryoEM Center provides on-the-fly data processing, using cryoSPARC Live. Both Sbgrid software packages and cryoSPARC are installed on cemaster as well as the Caltech HPC. Moreover, the CryoEM Center also has a dedicated desktop computer with 4 GPUs that has software Warp/M and Amira installed.

Most popular CryoEM data processing software, such as Relion, cryoSPARC, IMOD, EMAN2, etc. have extensive online documentation and tutorials, that we find our users can learn by themselves.

While the Caltech campus network is 1G, we installed 10G network connections for all the center's computers and cemaster. For faster data transfer, you can also use globus .